2018 Cavalier Award Winners Honored by School

This year’s Cavalier Award winners were commended in a school-wide assembly for their leadership and dedication. Each Varsity team, as well as the Drama and Music programs, presented a Cavalier award to the individual student who best exemplified the virtues of a Heights man this year. The complete list of winners is included here below.

2018 Cavalier Award Winners

Soccer– Paul Egan

Cross Country– Isaiah Fowler

Basketball– Tommy Byrne

Swimming– Thom Davis

Squash– Tony Crnkovich

Wrestling– Paul Cardoni

Climbing– Anthony Esquivel

Baseball– James Higgins

Track– John Schindler

Tennis– Spencer Sedmak

Rugby– James Gilday

Golf– Joe Pakaluk

Lacrosse– Max Kolasch

Drama– Jamey Gilday

Music– Connor Anderson