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Art AP

Course Description and Objectives

This is a very student driven course. For the AP Drawing Exam twenty-four drawings are required. Twelve of these drawings are in the “Breadth” category. These drawings should demonstrate all of the different skills and ways of working that a student has mastered: different media, subject matter, style, technical elements, and ways of composting pictures should be demonstrated. The second category is “Concentration”. These should be linked by a single idea, theme, subject matter, or style; preferably some combination of these aspects. The student here needs to demonstrate his ability to explore a single idea in depth and persistence with a very high quality of work. The AP board is looking for the students to develop this idea over the length of the year through careful work and risk taking. The third Section is Quality. For this section, students choose five of their best works which can be from either the Quality or the Breadth Sections or entirely separate from both and puts them in an envelope to mail to the AP Board for review.

To accomplish these goals students must be largely self-motivated and very dedicated. Students will meet regularly with the instructor throughout the year to review progress towards these goals and where the instructor will suggest changes and improvements to the student’s path.


There are no texts for this course.

Outline of Topics Covered

1st Quarter– Students will assemble pieces from previous years to make the Breadth section. If there are major gaps then specific assignments may be given to fill out the Breadth section. Student will be discussing different ideas for a Concentration section and gathering source materials to accomplish the Concentration.

2nd & 3rd Quarters- Working on Concentration Section- intensive work on 12 drawings

4th Quarter- Students finish their Concentration Section then assemble and photograph their work to post online to the AP website. They will also send away 5 of their best pieces for the Quality section.

Course Requirements

Students will find it necessary work outside of class on their projects. Overall students should budget a minimum of about four hours of outside of class drawing and painting time per week.

Successful Students

I am eager to meet with students if they would like extra help on a project. I am usually available to meet either at lunch or after school. Please don’t hesitate to contact me in person, via¬†email, or over the phone if you have any concerns.

In addition to class time students are highly encouraged to use their study halls to draw and paint in the art room. I hope students will cultivate a habit of drawing inside and outside of the classroom.

To succeed in this course students should really learn to love drawing and enjoy completing a projects well. To successfully complete projects takes persistence, patience, attentiveness and love for reality all of which students will have some in some measure already and grow in as they continue practicing the visual arts.

Brian Coyne '94

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B.A. University of Dallas
Phone: 301-365-0227 Ext.244

Brian Coyne returns to the Heights this year to teach Art for grades 7 through 12.