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Art 3

Course Description and Objectives

The Art 3 Course seeks to help Art students continue to form themselves into better artists at a high level. Students will be building their portfolio with original work while at the same time continuing to practice previous skills that they have acquired through past Art courses. Students will be required to be more self-directed than in past art courses. The instructor will assign specific assignments for which students will often have to find creative solutions.


There are no texts for this course.

Outline of Topics Covered

Basic Still-life Practice: Students will practice drawing accurately and proportionally from still lives to refresh their drawing skills

Photo Practice: Students will complete a watercolor based on a photograph. Colors should be intense, diverse, and involve transitions. Strong contrasts should be present.


Simplified palette: In this project students are challenged to make a picture using only Red, Blue, Yellow, Black paints to achieve a more unified grouping of color.

Outdoor Landscape: Students will tackle this complex subject-matter and work to order it in their watercolor paintings.

Film Noir Project: Students will work from a dark background using white paint to make a picture in a theme.

Painting a Light Source: Students will depict a light source maintaining the extremes of light for the source itself and secondary lights for illuminated objects while dealing with difficult color situations.

Three Levels of Distance: Students will take what they know about two-point perspective and apply it to a painting where they invent a landscape and use values and colors appropriately for the aerial perspective present in the scene.

Portrait Project: Students will work on a portrait to further sharpent heir drawing skills and demonstrate their competence.

Geometric Pattern: Students will look to patterns from a variety of sources including Celtic, Iconic, ancient Egyptian and Greek in order to inform their own original pattern.

Practice Drawing the Human Figure

Illustrating a Song: Students will use both figurative and pattern-based images to interpret a song from a list given to them.

Making a work of art based on a photo of a person: Students will demonstrate their accomplishment in drawing the human form and incorporating it into a context.

Independent Work: Students will work on a theme of their choosing.


Materials Needed

Each student should being a pencil and an aart pad 9″ x 12″ to every class.

All other materials will be provided by the school.

Portfolios are on loan and must be cared for and returned at the end of the year.


25% Take-Home Project

25% Graded class assignments (5 of them)

25% Mid-term take-home project

25% Portfolio evaluation

Brian Coyne '94

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B.A. University of Dallas
Phone: 301-365-0227 Ext.244

Brian Coyne returns to the Heights this year to teach Art for grades 7 through 12.