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Art 2

Course Description and Objectives

The Art 2 Course seeks to build the basics of drawing that students received in Art 1 and expand particularly in the area of the use of watercolors. Many aspects will be explored including composition, line, value, edges, and color. These technical aspects will be used to understand what makes a beautiful picture and to understand how light falls on three-dimensional form. Students are encouraged both to look back to tradition in copying the artwork of others to “find his own voice” by producing projects that he has more control of in terms of subject matter and technical choices.


There are no texts for this course.

Outline of Topics Covered

Basic Still-life Practice:– Students will practice drawing accurately from still lives to refresh their drawing skills

Monochrome Watercolor Project: Students will practice with watercolor to get better at handling the paint and controlling value

Introduction to Watercolors: a variety of exercises in color mixing and the handling of watercolor paints to help students get used to the media and review the basics of color

Copy of a Master Watercolor: students will practice their skills on a number of copies throughout the year starting very early on. This also helps them train their eyes for what makes good subject matter and how good composition should look.

Watercolor from Still Life: -students will observe nature and construct original compositions in various still life projects.

Outdoor Watercolors of Landscapes: students will tackle this very complex subject matter and work to order it in their watercolor paintings

Drawing the Human Form: Learning how to draw the human form well is a great achievement in art.

Quick Gesture Drawings:  students make general drawings of the clothed human form from life and photographs using charcoal. They finish by copying a classical nude statue or a photograph of a clothed figure.

Color Still Life: Гthe introduction to color starts with some basic color mixing exercises dealing with the three basic attributes of color: hue, value, and intensity. From here students apply what they learn to a colored still life. Students work with colored pencils.

Simplified palette: in this project students are challenged to make a picture using only Red, Blue, Yellow, Black paints to achieve a more unified grouping of color

Simplified watercolor within black ink lines:  students will work from a photo to interpret the image in a more simplified, line-based style

Internal space: students will draw a room inside the school to help understand vanishing points in an indoor context

Block Print: -students will make an image that follows a particular theme with the rest of the class

Combination of Images: students will make an image in which they combine two objects of very different scales into a single environment

Final Project: a series of images linked by visual or thematic elements

Materials Needed

Each student should being a pencil and an aart pad 9″ x 12″ to every class.

All other materials will be provided by the school.

Portfolios are on loan and must be cared for and returned at the end of the year.


25% Take-Home Project

25% Graded class assignments (5 of them)

25% Mid-term take-home project

25% Portfolio evaluation

Brian Coyne '94

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Brian Coyne returns to the Heights this year to teach Art for grades 7 through 12.