Summer Assignments

Latin 400-500 Summer Assignment 2022-23

For all students of Latin 400-500 level courses

Turn in two Latin DANs and two Latin Verb Synopses per month, on the last day of each month, for a total of six (6) DANs and six (6) Verb Synopses over the entire summer.

The two completed DANs and two completed Verb Synopses should be submitted as .pdf attachments to an email sent on or before each due date (June 30th, July 31st and August 31st) to the instructor, Mr. Myers, at, Mr. Babendreier, at, or Mr. Cox, at

DANs must have a noun and adjective from different declensions. Do the six phrases below:

Due June 30th:

  • that long battle-line: illa acies longa
  • ille, illa, illud; acies, aciei, f.; longus, -a, -um
  • this second embrace: hic secundus amplexus
  • hic, haec, hoc; secundus, -a, -um; amplexus, -us, m.

Due July 31st:

  • the rising king himself: ipse rex surgens
  • ipse, ipsa, ipsum; rex, regis, m.; surgens, surgentis
  • a certain queen about to return: quaedam regina reditura
  • quidam, quaedam, quoddam; regina, reginae, f.; rediturus, -a, -um

Due August 31st:

  • the same burden having to be carried: idem onus portandum
  • idem, eadem, idem; onus, oneris, n.; portandus, -a, -um
  • that deeper tomb: istud sepulcrum altius
  • iste, ista, istud; sepulcrum, -i, n.; altior, altius

Synopses must have a regular transitive verb (not an intransitive or a deponent verb). Do the six verbs below in the person, number and gender indicated:

Due June 30th:

  • rogō, rogāre, rogāvī, rogātus = ask  (1st person singular feminine)
  • mittō, mittere, mīsī, missus = send  (3rd person plural neuter)

Due July 31st:

  • terreō, terrēre, terruī, territus = terrify  (2nd person singular neuter)
  • interficiō, interficere, interfēcī, interfectus = kill  (1st person plural masculine)

Due August 31st:

  • feriō, ferīre, ferīvī, ferītus = punch  (2nd person plural feminine)
  • pellō, pellere, pepulī, pulsus = push   (3rd person singular masculine)

These assignments represent the minimum required, will be graded and will be included in your first-quarter grade.

Any DANs and Verb Synopses done with sufficient correctness over the summer beyond the minimum will count as extra credit toward your first-quarter grade. You will have to choose your own words to make these additional DANs and Verb Synopses.  It is recommended that you choose words from the Dickinson College Latin Vocabulary List.