Resources and Information on 2020-21 Opening

Stay-at-Home Students Information

Stay-at-Home Students (SaHS) refers to our students who are unable to attend classes in-person for an extended period of time while their peers are at school. 

  1. SaHS instruction is available to students whose parents decide to keep them at home for a prolonged period of time, as well as those who must stay home due to illness lasting several days. It is not intended to allow students to take days off.
  2. Parents who wish to take advantage of the distance learning and mentoring model for their son must inform the school by September 1.  After September 1, a change to distance learning or from distance learning to in-person instruction must be discussed and approved beforehand by the appropriate school head.
  3. At least one distance-learning specialist per school will oversee and manage the SaHS academic experience.
  4. The format of academic instruction is specific to each school (lower, middle, and upper). The SaHS specialists will be in touch with parents who have enrolled their sons in the program to offer guidelines and present expectations.
  5. We will use Schoology, a learning management system (LMS), as means of communicating assignments, links, graded work, etc. The extent to which Schoology is used by the students will vary among the three schools.
  6. The mentoring program will be an important component of SaHS. In addition to the support of the distance-learning specialist, a student’s mentor will play a critical role.

Lower School

  • Classes will not be live streamed
  • Assignments will include outreach to SaHS
  • Periodic Zoom meetings to provide group instruction and individual assistance
  • Zoom/Phone meeting with classmates
  • Mr. Peter Vitz will assist SaHS, 301.365.0227 x165

Middle School

Upper School

  • Live streaming of all classes 
  • Nathan Gadiano will assist SaHS for 9th and 10th grade, 301.365.0227 x113
  • Dan Sushinsky will assist SaHS for 11th and 12th grade, 301.365.0227 x222