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Schoology Information and FAQs

What is Schoology?
  • We will use Schoology, a learning management system (LMS), for all students this year, as a means of communicating assignments, links, graded work, etc.
  • Schoology will be utilized from day one to promote familiarity and allow for seamless transitions as needed.
  • The online platform allows for a combination of asynchronous and synchronous instruction in addition to individualized support through designated faculty distance-learning specialists.
  • One of our guiding priorities is the ability to pivot from one model of education to another seamlessly.
  • Schoology will facilitate communication of assignments and their grading regardless of the model in which we may be operating at any given point in the academic year.
  • We chose this platform after extensive study of various possible platforms believing Schoology best fits our needs.
  • Because the use of Schoology will be very different between the three schools, additional information about the program will be communicated to parents through the school heads and distance-learning specialists.
Where do I begin?
  • Parents should look for an email with login credentials to Schoology for each student no later than Saturday, September 5.
  • Both students and parents can watch this brief tutorial to become familiar with the learning management software. The use of Schoology will vary among the three schools.
  • A more detailed how-to video has been created specifically for parents and students of The Heights.
  • Go to and enter the Username and Password you received by email.
  • For further assistance email:
Why did The Heights choose Schoology?

Though we plan to be fully in-person soon, the current situation requires us to be prepared to switch from one mode to the next (hybrid, in-person, distance-learning). Schoology enables them to communicate about assignments and tests, and gives them access to those materials, so that their learning is not disrupted when switching from one mode to another.

What types of materials will teachers assign?
  • The types of assignments will vary among the three schools. A brief overview of the types of assignments a teacher may offer can be found here.
  • Teachers will provide sometimes also provide links to materials. A overview of how to view course materials can be found here.
How do I submit assignments through Schoology?

When a teacher assigns work that must be submitted, they will communicate how they wish the assignment to be submitted. An overview of how to submit assignments can be found here.

How do I find out my grades on Schoology assignments?

The Grades area of the course profile displays your grades for the assignments, tests/quizzes, and discussions within a course. When an item is graded by your instructor, the grades and comments will immediately display in this area. Your overall grade for the course is listed at the bottom of each page. Learn more here.

Can you please explain how the Resources section is used?

My Resources is your own personal library of documents that you create in Schoology or download from other sites. It’s easy to organize, create, and copy/move your resources right from the My Resources page. Learn more here.


What settings can I adjust?

Your Account Settings enable you to set different preferences for your personal interface and how your account relates to other users. Some can be changed and some are set by The Heights and cannot be changed. To get to Account Settings, click the down-facing arrow in the upper right corner of your Schoology page, and select the Account Settings option. Learn more here.

Can I send and receive messages?

The Heights Schoology accounts are set to only allow for messages between the student and his teacher. Personal messages between students are not permitted. Learn more about Schoology messages here.

Are there Schoology apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets?

More information about the iOS app can be found here.
More info about the Android app can be found here.

Will parents receive a separate Schoology account?

They will not. Our approach is to treat the Schoology account as a joint account for students and parents.

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