The Heights Headmaster's Faculty Fund

Parents Raise Their Paddles for Headmaster’s Fund For Faculty

Guests at this year’s Winter Auction, Around the World in 80 Days, contributed a remarkable $52,000 to the Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty!

This special fund was begun five years ago by a number of Heights families who saw the essential role of the faculty in bringing the mission of The Heights to life. And as this year’s Fund-A-Need item an exuberance of energy filled the gym as guests helped mark this fund as a lasting source for the School’s development.

blog_facultyfund_featuredThe Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty allows Mr. de Vicente, and future headmasters, greater ability to help retain and provide for the professional development of outstanding teachers. Specifically, it has been used to support the pursuit of advanced degrees as well as to help teachers and coaches attend conferences and seminars. Hopefully, the Fund will even allow The Heights to host educational conferences of its own as well as to support faculty in writing articles and books for publication.

However, as Mr. de Vicente noted, the great import of the Fund in the life of the School is that it allows teachers greater ability to manifest the values that parents themselves instill in their own sons at home:

“The great job of the faculty is to teach the students material which is not only important, but it is also to show the students a way of life. And insofar as the way of life the faculty are showing your sons is in full agreement with the way of life you yourselves are living at home, then that is a powerful alliance.”

The partnership of our parents with our faculty is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the School. By assisting our teachers to grow and to develop professionally the Fund has a direct effect on how they are able carry out the School’s mission of helping educate and prepare young men for college and for life. In this way, the Headmaster’s Fund for Faculty is meant to greater enrich the education experience that The Heights currently offers.

Thank you to everyone who contributed at this year’s Auction. If you were not able to attend but would still like to make a gift, you may do so here

Check out the video below which was played at The Heights Auction last Saturday.