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Heights Lecture Series

Saturday, January 21, 7:30-9:30pm

“You GET to take Latin”: On the Benefits of Classical Studies in the 21st Century

Few people speak Latin; even fewer speak ancient Greek. Come hear why these classic languages are an essential element of the Heights Program. What are our former classics students doing now? How did the classics prepare them? Why should your son take his required Latin studies cum gravitas?

Previous Lecture

A lecture given on Saturday, December 10

On Hobbits and Adventures: Why Tolkien is a Central Element of The Heights Curriculum

Mr. Joe Breslin and Mr. Tom Cox discusses how they teach Tolkien to their students, and, most importantly, why.




Looking for Alaska

Review by
Michael Hude

Out of the Silent Planet

Review by
Joe Breslin

Unbroken (Young Adult Version)

Review by
Kyle Blackmer