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Heights Lecture Series

Saturday, March 11, 7:30pm-10:00pm

On Athletics: the Nobility, Purpose, and Formational Value of High School Sports Properly Understood

Mr. Thompson and Mr. Berthe will share with us a proper understanding of a commonly misprioritized activity. Athletics are important, but for reasons that sometimes escape us. Spend an evening thinking about our sons' true love, and how we can do more to help them get the most from their athletic experience at The Heights and beyond.

Previous Lecture

A lecture given on Saturday, January 21

“You GET to take Latin”: On the Benefits of Classical Studies in the 21st Century

Few people speak Latin; even fewer speak ancient Greek. Why do we study these languages here at The Heights? Why do we REQUIRE our students to study Latin? Is it out of a quaint fascination with the old and the ancient? Or, are there both practical and noble, servile and liberal, reasons to study not only the languages of the ancients but their texts as well?




All Creatures Great and Small

Review by
Rob Greving

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Review by
Joe Bissex

The Chronicles of Prydain

Review by
James Callahan