Heights Lecture on His Anxiety and Ours: Confessions of an Anxious Parent who Happens to Be a Therapist


As parents, we cannot help but yearn for our son’s success. This desire comes at a time, however, when anxiety in young people is at an all time high, despite the relative peace and security of our metropolitan area. Why?

Alex Berthe, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and former Heights teacher/mentor, will help us unpack the forces that are feeding our son’s anxiety. More importantly, he will help us explore the ways that our own anxieties–rooted in love, expressed in fear–might contribute to our boys’ struggles. In the end, Alex will share how we, as parents subject to these powerful yet often subconscious forces, can reinforce our boys’ confidence in their identity as children of God through rediscovery of our own.

Alejandro Berthe, LCSW-C, MSW
Saturday, May 14th
8pm Doors and Drinks
8:30 Speaker takes the Podium