Heights Lecture Series: Forming your Young Son’s Conscience

Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm. The second of The Heights Lecture Series featuring Lower School Head, Colin Gleason. Our theme for this year's lecture series is: Foundations of the Man Fully Alive.

Jan 25

Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm.

Our Lecture Series on Foundations of the Man Fully Alive continues on Saturday, January 25th at 8pm. Hear Lower School Head, Colin Gleason, discuss the formation of conscience in the young boy. Though we focus, among other things, on the formation of the will at The Heights, the formation of a boy’s moral compass–his conscience–is equally important. The forming of a child’s conscience begins at a very early age. The peer group, school, and culture will all be factors in our children’s moral growth, but no environment will affect the bearings of conscience more than that of the home. So how can we best train our young sons to have the knack of interpreting right from wrong, especially in today’s seemingly amoral climate? Join us for an evening of conversation about this important theme with our Lower School Head.