Heights Lecture Series: Building a Relationship of Trust with your Son

Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm. The first of The Heights Lecture Series featuring Alvaro de Vicente. Our theme for this year's lecture series is: Foundations of the Man Fully Alive.

Nov 16

Doors at 8:00pm, lecture at 8:30pm.

A relationship of trust between a parent and a son opens the door for conversations and interactions that will change the trajectory of his life. Much of the guidance we share with parents either presupposes or is facilitated by such a relationship.

Can your boy come to you, with an open heart and mind, when he needs help? Can he be vulnerable to you about an addiction, a failure, a flaw? When you offer corrections, what does he hear?

All of our boys need guidance; they will all, at some point, be prodigals. Hear Headmaster Alvaro de Vicente discuss how parents can carefully, tirelessly, and lovingly forge a relationship that will withstand the tests of time and the storms of adolescence.