Dr. Yaceczko Published in "Studies in Late Antiquity"

Dr. Yaceczko Published in “Studies in Late Antiquity”

Just this past month, our very own Dr. Yaceczko was published in the academic journal Studies in Late Antiquity with an article on the Nabulus Collection. This fascinating collection of late-imperial Roman coins has been housed at Catholic University ever since it was donated by a French priest who acquired them in the early 20th century in Palestine. While the original dates and locations of minting are known to us, the story of how these individual coins actually came together represents quite a puzzle. A good number of the coins can be traced to the western portion of the Roman Empire, such as York, Trier, and Rome, but many of them originated in the Levant. Dr. Yaceczko has posited that the coins potentially belonged to a soldier or follower of Constantine’s army, as the mint dates and locations of the coins align well with the path of his troops during the years 306-324 AD. The article is available to those with a subscription to Studies in Late Antiquity, but Mr. Nelson has a printed copy available for anyone to read in our library. Well done Dr. Yaceczko!