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Voice/Movement I


Voice/Movement I

  • Course ID:DRAMA 311
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Drama
  • Teachers:Joseph Bissex

Description and Objectives

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The primary objective of Voice I is to introduce the student to the basic elements and abilities of the human voice. Voice I runs concurrently with the Fall Play, giving the student daily opportunity for exercise of learned vocal skills. Voice II expands upon Voice I, challenging the student to achieve high levels of vocal subtlety and command. This course runs concurrently with the Spring Play. 

Topics Covered

  • Voice I: study of the human vocal instrument, a focus on projection and articulation, the development of a personal vocal warmup routine. 
  • Voice II: line interpretation, pitch and pace variation, introduction to accents and languages (subject to the play’s content). 


A personal notebook is required. Scripts for the plays will be provided and no other textbooks are required for these courses.

Course Requirements

  • Dedication, enthusiasm, initiative, and willingness to serve.
  • Check drama website ( regularly, and fill out required forms. (This site is designed for drama students and parents – patrons and general public should be directed to the Heights drama page.)
  • Daily presence in class with script, notebook and pencil in hand.  
  • Preparation of assigned character.
  • Knowledge of assigned lines and blocking.
  • Exclusive availability after school during tech/performance week. Exceptions will be given for extreme circumstances such as hospitalization or a death in the family. Exceptions will be made for reception of a sacrament if a direct time conflict exists. No exceptions will be made for vacations, sports events, minor illnesses, or other extracurricular events.

Assignments and Grades for Voice Students

  • Voice students will prepare an additional monologue each quarter to recite before the class, and may rehearse this with me outside of class as needed. 
  • Voice students will keep a neat, legibly handwritten journal detailing the exercises they learned, entering dates and times practiced outside of class, with a short description of the goal for next practice: grades given twice per quarter, requests for assistance welcomed. 

Assignments and Grades Common to All Drama Students

  • Line memorization: students are expected to have lines memorized verbatim before the rehearsal date (calendar and scene breakdown provided on drama site and on class handout). Students will receive a weekly grade for line memorization.
  • Vocal characterization: grades given twice per quarter.
  • Physical characterization: grades given twice per quarter.
  • Script preparation: grades given twice per quarter. A fully prepared script will include handwritten notes on all assigned blocking, all rehearsal notes given by the director, and notes on characterization developed by the student.
  • Students will receive a grade of A, C, or F for each day of tech/performance.


  • The midterm exam for this class consists of a selection of multiple projects that take place over the course of each semester to assist in the marketing and production of the fall play. Examples of these projects include bake sales, participation in the Dramatic Speech club, marketing projects, and many others. I encourage all students to begin this process early.

Successful Students

  • Successful students will display attentiveness to detail, will come to class with script and pencil,  and will foster habits of creative initiative, respect for the rehearsal space and for each other, and habits of school and team spirit.