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New Testament Greek


New Testament Greek

  • Course ID:GREEK 584
  • Semesters:1
  • Department:Classics
  • Course Rank:Honors
  • Teachers:Tom Cox

Description and Objectives

A survey of the various texts and authors that make up the Greek New Testament.

Students will read one chapter of each Gospel and the entirety of First Corinthians.

Students will learn the salient characteristics of Koine Greek (“Vulgar” or “Common” Greek), the dialect in which the New Testament was written, and how it differs from the Classical and more Archaic dialects (Attic, Homeric, etc.).

One semester. Offered on occasion. Prerequisite: Intermediate Greek.


Reader’s Greek New Testament – An affordable hardcover New Testament with more obscure words glossed.


Course Requirements

The greatest aid to retention and familiarity will be re-reading the Greek without translating.

Successful Students

Reviewing the day’s passage each night and reading extensively more than intensively is the best use of a student’s time outside the classroom.

This will help the students prepare for their weekly quizzes and quarterly recitations.

Additional Resources

Greek Verbs – This link provides a synopsis of the Greek verb which you can use to practice your ω verbs, μι verbs, or contract verbs as much as you’d like!