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Pro-Life Club

Saving the lives of the innocent.

Pro-Life Club

  • Grade level:3-12
  • Meeting Times:Wednesdays at 3:30 pm
  • Location:The Heights School
  • Advisors:Peyton Olszewski

Club Mission

The Pro-Life Club will use both service and education to foster a culture of life.  Our immediate goal is to have students and families participate in the 40-Days-for-Life campaign, starting 9/22/2021.  We intend to establish a weekly afterschool pilgrimage for students to the local abortuary (Wildwood Medical Center, 10401 Old Georgetown Rd Bethesda, MD).  We also hope to have Pro-Life speakers for the boys as well as other opportunities for them to help mothers and babies in need. Please contact Mr. Greving or Mr. Olszewski for suggestions or questions.

Events & Topics

*Update : Starting 9/29, the Pro-Life Club will be ferrying students to the local Abortionary after school on Wednesdays. A school bus will be in front of the Upper School building starting at 3:20, we will depart by 3:30 and return to campus by 4:30.

Please prayerfully consider signing up for the local 40 Days for Life campaigns.  We are calling on the whole Heights community to participate.  Prayer warriors are needed throughout the week at both locations, let’s work to end this scourge that is so close to our beautiful campus.  We will be promoting a location in VA and MD due to the geographical spread of our school families.  Please record any hours you sign up for in the google sheets below.  We can use this info to organize and support each other through rides, personnel coordination, and so on.

MD families: 40 Days for Life

VA families : 40 Days for Life

Mr. O will be at this location most Saturdays.  He is happy to act as a chaperone for boys whose families can not attend with them.  Please email him to confirm.

Heights 40 Days for Life Sign Up – Google Sheets



Skills & Benefits

Work that truly saves lives.  Promote the culture of life while growing in confidence and love of the Faith.