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Computer Science Team

Computer Science Team

  • Grade level:9-12
  • Meeting Times:Tuesdays at 12:50 pm
    Fridays at 12:50 pm
  • Location:Chemistry Lab
  • Notice:It is recommended that members have taken CS411/412.
  • Advisors:George Martin

Club Mission

The Heights Computer Science team is open to any students who have an interest in problem-solving through the use of computer programming. No experience is necessary to join, however, participating in competitions does require knowledge of Java, or in some cases, Python.

This is the second year that the Computer Science team has been active, and last year the team took part in two local competitions, winning fifth place at a large competition at the University of Maryland, and taking first place at a competition at Montgomery college.

Events & Topics

Meetings in this club usually consist of practicing problems similar to those that would appear in a competition. Usually these exercises involve writing a program that accepts random samples of data, and will make decisions based on its contents. In most competitions, solutions are judged firstly on whether or not they are successful, and secondly on how efficient they are.

Therefore, a certain level of creativity is necessary in coming up with elegant solutions that can solve problems with minimum computation. Members of the team will learn to collaborate with each other to both outline and then program solutions, similar to a professional environment.

Currently, there are no events lined up in 2018, but the team is working on scheduling some competitions in the spring of 2019.

Skills & Benefits

Students will practice the following skills:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Algorithm Development
  • Working in Java and Python

Of additional benefit is the exposure students will get to colleges. Many of the competitions are hosted by colleges, which are eager to find students who are talented and work hard to get better at programming. Demonstrating skills at a competition can go a long way on a college application.

Additional Resources

Here are some links to past competitions that The Heights Computer Science team has participated in:

UMD High School Programming Contest