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Weapons & Warfare: Tabletop Battles

Weapons & Warfare: Tabletop Battles

  • Weeks:Jul. 13, 2020
    Aug. 10, 2020
    Aug. 24, 2020
    Aug. 31, 2020
  • Time:9:00 am-12:00 pm
  • Note:This is a "virtual" camp - NOT on-site. Videos and other materials will be emailed daily.
  • Cost:$125 per week
  • Ages:8-16
  • Staff:Peter Vitz

It is wonderful and - no kidding - it is giving my boys 6 hours+ of happy, constructive occupation per day. My eight-year-old is just old enough to do it independently with almost no involvement from us. A younger kid could do it with a parent. It's so well done - absolutely worth the price.

- Monica M. - New York

Because this is a “virtual” camp, non-Maryland residents are permitted – and encouraged! – to register.

This summer, Weapons and Warfare goes the distance!


This distance learning program will guide your warriors through the process of creating a table-top battle at home. Virtual campers will learn how to make a castle model and various siege engines (catapult, etc.). Discover the world of heraldry and create your own family crest. In addition to 4 daily instructional videos emailed each morning, templates and written instructions will also be included. These daily lessons can be revisited all summer long to create many epic adventures in your own home!


A flexible list of needed supplies is below. 

Please note that virtually everything can be substituted with similar or everyday items. For example, the large dowels can be replaced with a nice straight stick from outside. The small dowel and wooden discs for wheel assembly can be replaced with an old rolling toy! Those things listed as optional are either to reduce waiting time, omit extra steps, or to add a fun finishing touch.

-masking tape
-liquid glue
-craft/popsicle sticks (~200-300)
-1/2″ dowel
-1/8″ dowel
-10 1-1/2″ wood discs (for wheels)
-4 or more wooden skewers
-kitchen twine
-wire hanger/paperclip
-rubber bands (~40)
-bottle caps (2)
-2 small to medium cardboard boxes
-about 36″ of 1/4″ craft wood
-one small drinking straw / single tube coffee stirrer
-4 small eyelet screws
-2 foot square of hardboard/light plywood/heavy cardboard (castle base)
-4 8×13″ strips of same as above
-4 12″ lengths of 6×6 (or 4 empty coffee cans, shipping tubes, etc. for towers)

-paints, brushes, mixing cups

-colored pencils or markers
-printable card stock

-scrap wood as drilling surface


-ruler and/or measuring tape

-drill & bits (I used 5/64″ and 9/64″ almost exclusively)
-wire cutter
-box cutter / hobby knife
-craft saw/jigsaw/miter saw
-hot glue gun
-metal wire

-one or two cheap toy dinosaurs (head will be removed!)

-paper grocery bag

-wooden clothespin
-small wood block scraps
-hand-held miter saw