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Rock Climbing – Instructor Training

Rock Climbing – Instructor Training

  • Weeks:Jun. 8, 2020
  • Time:8:30 am-4:00 pm
  • Note:Bring water, lunch, harness, climbing shoes, belay device and a bag (that fits all belongings). Times are subject to change based on weather and availability of climbers (some days may be longer).
  • Cost:$0 per week
  • Grades:9-12
  • Staff:Eric Heil

PLEASE NOTE: The county is allowing Maryland residents only to participate in non-virtual Heights camps at this moment. Please do not register for this camp if you are not a Maryland resident. If this changes, we will let you know.

This is the orientation week for high school and college staff members.  There is no cost for this week, but only those interested in staffing rock climbing summer camps may attend. Participation is in fact required for those who will be staffing one or more of the camps. Both paid (senior / junior counselor) positions as well as volunteer (counselor in training) positions are available.

If you are interested, submit a written application to Mr. Heil –

We will focus on top roping outdoors and the basics of anchor building.  Climbers should already be familiar with climbing on top rope and should expect to spend some time each day working on their knots, anchor building, reviewing safety precautions, and properly storing gear.  Knots covered will include the bowline, double bowline, bowline on a bight, clove hitch, munter hitch, and figure 8 on a bight.  Anchor building is based on a SERENE system: solid, efficient, redundant, equalized, no extension.  By then end of the week, participants will be familiar with the basics of anchor building.

We will also cover the safety procedures to be followed in the case of an accident and the daily procedures involved in running the camps.

Of course, we will be climbing outside at a variety of local cliffs.  These include Carderock (our home crag), Sugarloaf Mountain, Annapolis Rock, Great Falls and Northwest Branch (a bouldering spot).  One or more of the days may involve a late return (around 5 p.m.).  Climbers should arrive with a bagged lunch (we will not be stopping to buy food), plenty of water, harness, climbing shoes, belay device, a bag (that fits all belongings), and should dress for the weather.