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Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming

  • Weeks:Jul. 11, 2022
    Jul. 18, 2022
    Jul. 25, 2022
  • Time:9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Note:Students should bring their own lunch.
  • Cost:$395 per week
    $1050 All three weeks
  • Grades:5-8
  • Staff:Joe Maloney
    George Martin

Learn to Build like a Programmer

Welcome to The Heights Introduction to Programming Summer Course! Each week, your son will learn ways to utilize digital technology for creative and productive purposes. At a high level, campers will learn web design, programming, animation, and electronic prototyping using Arduino–all while developing logical and analytical skills, and imagination.

A Project-Focused Approach

Computer applications and programming can be incredibly frustrating, even more so at a young age. Without tremendous patience, the learning curve can often prevent younger students from discovering the rewards of using these machines to create and build almost anything they can imagine! Rather than a bottom-up approach, in this camp we begin each session by demonstrating what it is that campers will be accomplishing that day. With the finished product in mind, students are guided through the steps to build it themselves. This hands-on approach allows them to experience first-hand how manipulating code, or parameters of a program, or a circuit, can result in perceivable changes! Our hope is that this exposure empowers them to continue pushing themselves to go deeper into programming and engineering concepts to build even more complex and impressive projects.

No Experience Required!

We have no expectations that students have previous programming nor computer experience. We also know that even if a student is a proficient typist, writing code is a completely different skill set than writing english. With this in mind, our choice for topics requires very little typing. The HTML, CSS, and Javascript portion of the camp provides students with code snippets on CodeHS that they will be able to tweak and experiment with, rather than have to write down themselves. For 3D programming, Alice is a visual block-based programming language designed for younger students. Our goal is to foster enthusiasm and excitement, so we try to minimize tedious and monotonous activities.

Creativity and Imagination

We will continue to emphasize that computers are a tool, and that the quality of any work is the result of ingenuity of the craftsman, and not the sophistication of the tool he uses. They will develop the practical skills that permit them to get what is in their minds into the media, but also it is hoped they will begin to cultivate their individual imaginations to come to a better sense of what is worth creating.  

Topics We’ll Cover:

In this camp, students will learn to use:

  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript to write well-designed and interactive websites.
  • Alice 3 to build interactive, three dimensional worlds.
  • Arduino to construct machines that respond to real-world input

Students will be able to continue to practice using these tools outside of and after the camp, and we’re more than happy to provide students with additional resources to continue their learning.

Daily Schedule

While the purpose of the course is to expose students to digital technology, it’s essential that the boys also get time outside and time to form friendships. Each day we’ll have a break after lunch where students will be able to participate in outdoor, organized activities. This will give them a chance to both get outside, and get exercise to help keep their mind focused when working on their projects.

We look forward to meeting your sons this summer! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to George Martin ( and Joe Maloney (