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Discovery Science Camp

Discovery Science Camp

  • Weeks:Jul. 27, 2020
    Aug. 3, 2020
  • Time:9:00 am-3:00 pm
  • Note:Free after care available daily until 4pm and before care starting at 8:15am
  • Cost:$350 per week
  • Grades:2-9
  • Staff:Andrew Reed
    Kyle Blackmer

PLEASE NOTE: The county is allowing Maryland residents only to participate in non-virtual Heights camps at this moment. Please do not register for this camp if you are not a Maryland resident. If this changes, we will let you know.

Update on DIscovery Science Camp Plans:

Thank you for the supportive emails received by many parents of our past campers and currently enrolled campers.  We are planning on hosting camp the weeks of July 27-31 and August 3-7, and we will have in place the protocols and adjustments needed.  These adjustments will include a camper enrollment that is much much smaller by design with better than the required ratios of guidance by full time teachers/camp staff, an emphasis on cleanliness, required hand washing routines, considerate distancing, new camper check in procedures, utilization of our large and naturally beautiful campus, and employing ideas for activities like the ones below that can even be done individually (as needed) but that still allow for thematic science learning.  We will be adapting procedures and activities depending upon the local health conditions at the time of camp.  With a camp enrollment that will be purposefully reduced perhaps as much as 75% over some of our past years, we are hoping this will allow some excellent opportunities to personalize the time your camper will enjoy so he can still have a hands-on and individualized experience of science.  With considerate camper spacing and protocols in place, we will be sure to get the boys outside often and help them develop some new interests/hobbies that are thematically related to what we had planned.  For example, field trips will need to be thoughtfully reevaluated and perhaps in place of a field trip to NASA, we would offer a Fun with AeroPhysics day complete with model rocket building and real engine launching, quadcopter courses, learning about woodworking and structural building contest, building a tennis ball cannon, the traditional egg drop contest, understanding archery, and perhaps have a pilot join us as a guest speaker.  In place of the trip to the Baltimore Aquarium we will offer an involved lesson on sharks and dolphins and even examine a real shark.  We will substitute field trips as needed with similarly themed activities to adapt to current health conditions using some of the same protocols that we will have in place when we restart school.  We are professionals at creating learning opportunities that are especially engaging and we fully expect to meet the needs for adaptations while also offering the best possible camp experience.  As the summer months unfold, we will be in touch with a more detailed schedule of plans for each of these two weeks for all registered campers.  Please be assured that we will be doing our very best for each of our campers and their families. We realize the great value an experience like this can offer your son, these days especially.  Fortunately, we have an especially creative and dedicated group of teachers  who are committed to still making the very most out of the summer for many of our loyal campers and their parents.

ORIGINAL CAMP DESCRIPTION is below: (Activities will stay true to the themes of this camp although Field Trip plans will be reevaluated)

Discover a curiosity and an interest for the fascinating world of Science! The program is designed to encourage wonder through uniquely engaging activities and trips that are designed to highlight the beautiful realities of the natural world we live in. This camp has been well known for the past two decades as a camp that provides a daily adventure in learning and every day the camp is on a well-developed field trip, led by a professional team of experienced Heights faculty members and Andrew Reed, Head of our Middle School. This camp offers daily experiential learning opportunities within the context of adventure, all while visiting some of the best field trip locations of this area.

Some Examples of Planned Activities and Trips:

  • A visit to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, with a presentation on space shuttles, space telescopes, and some of the new engineering marvels of our times.
  • An in-depth study of The Chesapeake Bay, including some nearby islands in the Bay
  • Dissection of sharks as an introduction to Marine Biology
  • Trips to the Baltimore Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center at the Inner Harbor
  • A trip to Luray Caverns to learn about cave formations, geology, and mountain formations
  • Exploring the tiny, living world of microorganisms through the use of lab microscopes
  • A visit to the U.S. Naval Observatory Dome Telescope with a presentation on outer space
  • Small-group themed tours at the best Smithsonian Institute exhibits, museums, theatres, and archives.
  • The traditional and famous helicopter egg drop engineering contest for camper prizes.
  • A day trip to Cunningham Falls and a visit to a working dairy farm along the way.
  • A lesson at the National Zoo from zoologists along with a scavenger hunt.
  • Visits to our own nature center for lessons with live and taxidermic models of local animals.
  • Lessons on Rocketry, how planes fly, and applied engineering demonstrations.
  • Construction of giant water balloon slingshots and cannons as a fun way of learning about Newtonian Physics.


For rising grades 2-9: Campers are welcomed into small groups by age, each led personally by a teacher. (groups are approximately ten boys each in grades 2-4, 5-6, 7-8, and 9-CIT). Friends and relatives can easily be grouped together by request.


The full program is available for up to three weeks and parents may select one, two, or three weeks. In order to achieve the full list of activities and trips, the camp follows a detailed schedule with descriptions and opportunities for learning through a themed trip or adventure each day. Occasionally, when a field trip involves an admission cost, parents may be asked to cover this cost for their son. A detailed schedule of activities and topics is emailed one week prior to the start of camp in order to encourage camper anticipation of the camp’s adventures and allow conversations with parents about what was learned each day. A camper lunch option is also always made available for each day of camp.