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Tower Fools

2016 Spring Production

The Wolf Story


Following William McLeery’s story by the same title, Mr. Love, Mr. Longano and Mr. Vorozhko set out to write a play centered around the possibility of taming a wolf. Including two other well known stories, Pandora’s Box (adapted from Nathaniel Hawthorne) and The Happy Prince (adapted from Oscar Wilde), the three teachers have come up with an original play certain to delight audiences of all ages. After the young protagonist-farm-boy, Jimmy Tractorwheel, rescues his hen Rainbow from the notorious Waldo the Wolf, he confronts the wolf about why he continues to eat chickens in such a destructive fashion. He ultimately elicits a confession from the wolf and begins to read him stories and poetry educating him so that the farmers and the wolves can live in harmony.

Waldo grows old and relays two great tales to his cubs, who now stand on two legs because they have learned so much. When Pandora and Epimetheus turn Trouble and Hope loose on the world, Grandfather Waldo is asked to tell a story about Hope by his grand children who want to know about how, “hope bashes all those Troubles!” The beautiful tale of the Happy prince ensues, and we are left to answer the question ourselves!

Shows will be held in Chesterton Hall on May 24th (in school performance for students), May 25th at 7:00 (open to the public), and May 26th at 3:30 (open to the public).