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Ask our Parents

“The challenging curriculum, with its emphasis on the western canon and a traditional approach to learning, has taught our sons the meaning of discipline and given them a deeper understanding of their own cultural roots—as Americans and as Catholics.”

— Upper School Parent

“The teachers at The Heights are extraordinary role models. They are men of deep faith, which is vitally important at a moment when our culture seems to be teaching very little about responsible manhood—and very little about faith. Whether it’s out in the Valley, or in the classroom, our boys are learning about hard work, generosity toward others, and courage.”

— Upper School Parent

“My son has blossomed at The Heights. This past year the one-on-one advising has had a tremendous impact on his behavior at home. His advisor calls me once a month and asks in what virtue or good habit I’d like my son to grow. Over the year we chose several areas for improvement (orderliness in his work, care to treat younger people with more respect and willingness to perform chores and other tasks without complaints). I couldn’t be happier with the way he has responded to the suggestions and encouragement of his advisor. I am deeply grateful for all that he hears from his teachers in class and from his advisor.”

— Middle School Parent

“They (the faculty) share a profound vision of what it means to be a boy and what it takes to take the clay that is a boy and shape in it into a man—and more specifically, a Christian gentleman.”

— Lower School Parent

Ask our Alumni

“Above all I thank The Heights for the confidence I felt my freshman year of college. I did well in my classes because I had been taught how to work, and I made great friends because I had been taught how to recognize them.I felt confident because I had been prepared academically and socially.”

— Class of ’99

“Flannery O’Connor says in her spiritual writings, ‘The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it emotionally.’ I believe it is The Heights’ uncompromising commitment to the transcendent truth that separates it from all other schools.”

— Class of ’02

Ask our Faculty

“Every day I truly look forward to going to work at The Heights. My colleagues are intelligent, talented, and personable. As teachers here, we are entrusted with a truly noble task—to help boys grow into gentlemen. Teaching at The Heights is an honor and a joy.”

— Middle School Teacher

“Working with so many other individuals, who share not only a common vision for The School, but also a genuine love and enthusiasm for what they do and who they teach is inspiring.”

— Upper School Teacher

Ask our Students

“What I’ve loved about this School are the friendships—with my peers and my teachers.”

— Upper School Student

“I hear the word ‘gentleman’ as an address so often that I almost take it for granted, but that is really how the faculty treats us.”

— Upper School Student

“The teachers expect a lot from us, and it can be really tough. But it’s kind of an honor because it’s clear they know we can do it.”

— Upper School Student

“I love the freedom that the teachers give us to do things ourselves, but they’re also there to help when we need it.”

— Upper School Student

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